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Interim Healthcare Leadership done right.

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People-First Leadership Search

Thaxton Leadership is one of America's leading Healthcare Leadership Staffing Firms

Service First

Above all else, we are here to serve you. We are dedicated to providing a best-in-class experience when searching for your next leader.

Top Talent

We work with the best and brightest healthcare leadership talent available, because our mission is quality care. Always.

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About Thaxton Leadership

We're your in-house HR.

Thaxton is one of the most trusted Interim Healthcare Leadership providers in the United States. We have carefully built a seasoned team of the highest quality Interim Leaders available who ensure world-class service and effect lasting positive outcomes at the Hospitals and Healthcare Systems we serve.

Thaxton has adopted a philosophy that encompasses a long-term view. We strive to build and maintain close and long-lasting relationships through mutual understanding of our client’s business needs and the interim talent required to help them succeed.


How We're Different:


Over 1,000 Nurse Executives Placed

We know how difficult it can be to find the right fit for an opening, but that's where we come in. Let us help you find your next Interim Leader.


Best-In-Class Service

Our clients and leaders can focus on their many tasks at hand, knowing that if they need something from us, we'll get it done - quickly.


Single Point-of-Contact

Day or night, you know where to go when you need something, and we'll be right there waiting.

Fill an opening

Defining nurse leadership.

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