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Join Thaxton Leadership in revolutionizing healthcare leadership. Your connections hold the potential to bridge crucial leadership gaps and spark transformation.

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Why Your Referral Matters:

Healthcare demands strategic minds. Your referrals bring stability, innovation, and growth during transitions for our valued clients.

The Power of Strategic Interim Leadership:

Our leaders aren't placeholders; they're catalysts for growth. With deep healthcare insights, they drive progress and align teams for success.

Why Trust Thaxton:

Partner with a 20-year healthcare leadership firm. We vet and place top-tier leaders, and we'll take great care of your referral!

Refer and Earn:

Thaxton Leaders: $1,500 payout for referring a new leader.

Non-Thaxton Leaders: Earn $1,000 for each successful referral.

Reshape Healthcare, Together:

Your referral fuels progress. Shape healthcare's tomorrow – refer a leader today!

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