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Investment In Nurse Managers:

Leaning Into Transformation: One Solution to the Nurse Reckoning and The Demand For Healthcare Transformation.

By Amy B. Wilson DNP, RN, CPHQ

Anyone who has opened the internet or watched the news over the last couple of years recognizes that the nursing profession is going through a wave of change. In fact, it is hard not to notice with all the negative media attention the nursing profession is receiving these days. Despite this, nursing was once again ranked the most trusted profession by Gallup, placing nursing at the top of the list, marking the 20th year in a row. This draws into question whether the negative media attention is really the right message, especially for healthcare leaders. Let’s break down what is really occurring, as it all might not be as it seems on the surface... Read More

Choosing the Right Interim Leader at the Right Time

Driving Through Curves

By Robert Thorn, MBA, FACHE

In the novel “The Art of Racing in the Rain,”1 by Garth Stein, aspiring professional auto racer Denny is considered to be one of the best drivers in wet conditions. When explaining how he drives differently than others, a method that garnered him his reputation, Denny states, “Very gently. Like there are eggshells on your pedals, and you don’t want to break them. That’s how you drive in the rain.” However, Denny’s caution was partnered with an aggressiveness, albeit calculated, in the place where races are won and lost: at the curves of a course. Navigating curves was not unfamiliar territory to Denny... Read More

The Case For External Interim Managers in Healthcare

When your Plan B should be your Plan A

There has been a lot of discussion about the use of an interim CEO and other members of the C-suite in hospitals. However, not as much has been said about the use of an interim department manager or director. Like an interim executive in the C-suite, the use of an interim resource in middle management in healthcare is a very subjective matter, depending on the situation driving the need. If a department is experiencing symptoms of poor management decisions by one or several leaders over a period of time, resulting in increased costs, high turnover, or poor employee engagement, or it has had a leader in a role for years who is leaving and there is no successor in sight, the use of an interim manager is always an option. Whether or not such an option is exercised lies in the eye of the beholder... Read More

10 Reasons To Use Interim Healthcare Leadership

Just The Facts

As healthcare leaders, we often walk a tightrope between data-based research and intuition when it comes to making decisions. In its purest forms, data allows us to “follow the science,” using objective figures to lead us to conclusions; They are the foundational argument supporting facts. After all, as the adage goes, “Data doesn’t lie.”

On the other hand, especially under tight deadlines when data are sometimes not available, we often rely on intuition, “gut feelings,” “hunches,” or even “instinct.” Even with data, there are no guarantees current or future decisions will play out as they have in the past, and sometimes gut reactions play out as hoped. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Read More

Examining the Wave of Leadership Changes

Whether a change in leadership in a healthcare organization is planned or abrupt, it can have a huge ripple effect on other key leaders and staff.

Over the past few years, leaders and staff alike have been tasked to do their jobs in increasingly trying times, dealing with unprecedented events such as a pandemic and its consequential patient surges and reductions in force, depending on the community; and now, inflation, staffing challenges, and supply shortages are the leading stressors. Adding to that is a wave of leadership departures, becoming the latest...Read More

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Defining nurse leadership.

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