Executive Search

With constant change in the evolving healthcare marketplace, we understand the enormous pressure that today’s healthcare organizations face. The unpredictable absence or loss of a healthcare leader can lead to catastrophic declines in team morale, patient care, quality and financial outcomes. When your organization simply cannot afford to be disadvantaged by a gap in leadership, Thaxton can bridge that gap with our experienced interim leaders.

Our Search Firm

Our years of experience in healthcare executive placement allow our skilled recruiters to collaborate with industry experts to find top candidates. We know “who’s who” in the industry and leverage those connections to tap into candidates who are highly respected in their specialty.


You'll work with a nationally-recognized team that provides high quality results. We provide candidates for interview quicker than our competitors allowing us to receive the reputation of having the shortest recruitment timelines from our clients. This success is due in large part to Thaxton's expansive candidate database and high retention rates of previously employed candidates who want to continue their employment with our firm.

Experience Makes a Difference

Hiring is only the first part of the process. Thaxton doesn’t stop working for you once your candidate is on board. We stay in touch with you and your new team member during and after the placement to make the process smooth and successful for everyone involved.

Defining nurse leadership.